Can you tan with self tanner on? (2024)

Can you tan with self tanner on?

Self-tanners are a great way to get a natural-looking tan without having to spend hours in the sun. But can you still tan if you're using self-tanner? The answer is yes! The self-tanner does not block UV rays, so you can still get a tan even if you're using a self-tanner.

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What happens if you tan with fake tan on?

Fake tan will not stop you getting a natural tan, it will simply act as an extra layer between your skin and the sun, and so the effects of the sun's rays will not be as strong.

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What not to do when you have self-tanner on?

Sweating, jumping in a pool or even taking a shower too quickly after using a self-tanner can ruin the look. Avoid streaks and premature fading by not getting your new tan wet for about eight hours after applying. When the time's up, take a warm (read: not hot) shower and rinse with clean water before lathering up.

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Can I do a sunbed with fake tan on?

We've been asked this question numerous times. In short, yes - you can. Fake tanning adds an additional layer on top of your skin, which actually offers additional protection against UV rays from either natural sunlight or from the use of a sun bed.

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How do you get an even tan with self-tanner?

Follow these steps:
  1. Exfoliate. Use a washcloth to exfoliate the skin prior to applying a self-tanner. ...
  2. Dry your skin. ...
  3. Apply in sections. ...
  4. Wash your hands after each section. ...
  5. Blend at your wrists and ankles. ...
  6. Dilute over your joints. ...
  7. Give your skin time to dry. ...
  8. Apply sunscreen every day.

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How do you tan over a patchy tan?

How to fix patchy fake tan
  1. Gently buff away excess tan. Excess product often settles onto dry areas, like the elbows, knees, ankles, hands, and feet, causing an uneven, patchy tan. ...
  2. Exfoliate the skin. ...
  3. Fill in the gaps. ...
  4. Always use a tanning mitt. ...
  5. Opt for a gradual tan moisturiser.

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Does layering self-tanner make it darker?

However, applying multiple layers of self-tanner can create a deeper and darker hue, which can help you achieve the desired color for your skin tone.

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What is the minimum time to leave self-tanner on?

1 hour - For a light and fresh, ever so natural fake tan glow. 2-3 hours - For a medium to warm organic spray tan. 4-5 hours - For a deep, dark holiday worthy gradual tan.

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Can you fake tan with hairy legs?

It may not seem that way, but you can successfully spray tan people with hairy bodies. In fact, you should treat them just as you would a client with little or no body hair. They just need to make sure they exfoliate properly to ensure they'll get the best results.

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What happens if you don't wash fake tan off?

Don't fret! Your colour will continue to develop and darken for a few hours (and a spray tan takes up to 24 hours to develop fully).

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Why do I get a bunny tail when I tan?

This ALSO helps if you are getting a little rabbit tail white spot on your tailbone. This spot occurs on people who lay on their back the whole time, as all the pressure is usually on the tailbone, therefore not allowing proper blood flow which impedes the tanning process.

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What should I sleep in after fake tanning?

When you perspire, tanning solution will transfer to your hand, and cause staining. If you know you'll be sleeping with your hand between your knees, it's best to wear loose pajama pants and an oversized t-shirt. We also recommend laying a towel over your pillow to prevent any bronzer transfer from your neck.

Can you tan with self tanner on? (2024)

What not to use with fake tan?


However, like any moisture, you want to try and avoid applying any makeup for at least 6 to 8 hours after a spray tan. Applying makeup or any other types of moisturizer can alter the color of a fresh spray tan or cause blotches.

Is it bad to fake tan every week?

When you're just starting out with self-tanner and want to build up a deeply rich color, you can apply self-tanner more frequently than once a week. Depending on the specific product and the look you're hoping to achieve, you can apply certain products every day as needed.

Why is my self tan not developing?

According to beauty spa Island Glow, the most likely culprit is that you might be doing your pre self-tan routine incorrectly. If you usually wax or shave your legs, this might be the reason why your self-tan is not sticking to your legs.

Can I shave after self-tanning?

You can shave while having a fake tan on, just wait 24 hours after your self tan or spray tan application. The same goes for waxing, you must wax 24 hours before a sunless tan. If you don't the wax residue can pick up the fake tan solution and leave you with a dark brown spot exactly where the wax was.

Can I self tan two days in a row?

It's not necessary to apply self tanner every single day. Your tan will stay perfectly in tact after two days, but applying every other day is perfect to keep it up!

Why do my legs not fake tan?

The skin on your legs has a different depth and texture than the rest of your body so it might not take as well to tanner.

Why does my fake tan go patchy so quickly?

What causes a patchy fake tan? Common reasons for patchy self-tanning include having products on the skin (perfume, deodorant, oil-based moisturizers, etc.) that can cause your tan to break down and fade unevenly.

Why doesn't my fake tan go dark?

If a dark tan is what you're looking for, we do recommend waiting a few hours before rinsing it off so that the product has longer to develop with your skin. Note: after rinsing, your skin will continue to deepen over the next 24 hours, so if your skin does not seem that dark, give it time!

Can I apply self-tanner twice in one day?

We generally recommend sticking to the one self tanning product per application. If you do not find the colour to be as dark as you would expect, you can always apply a second coat 30-60 minutes after initial application or the following day if the developed colour is not to your desired colour depth.

Should you put self-tanner on in the morning or night?

When Should You Apply Self-Tanner? It may seem counterintuitive, but according to Tan-Luxe global tanning expert Alexandra DiMarchi, the best time to tan your face is at night. "This way, the product can sit and develop evenly overnight," she explains. Consider it a part of your evening skin-care routine.

How long should you wait to shower after applying self-tanner?

First of all, the most important thing to remember is most good self tanners will need to stay on your skin for at least 6-10 hours to get the best results.

How often should you shower with self-tanner?

It's important to give the color about 6 to 8 hours to develop without taking a shower or sweating. Washing your skin too quickly after applying self-tanner can cause some of the product to wash off, creating streaks and uneven areas.

Can I shave right before self-tanning?

Shaving exfoliates the skin, leaving it supple and ready for bronzing, so it should be done before self-tanner is applied, just not right before since shaving can open pores and create cuts. Prevent irritation and schedule shaving or waxing at least a few hours before you plan to apply tanner.


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